Radical Chapter 9

The awkward question...

This chapter's response is going to be short and sweet for some, awkward for others and for a couple of you it will be convicting. Below respond with how much you read of the book. I realize that some of you might be able to skim read which is OK for some but its like 1% milk in that it is more water than milk and you missed the protein. Some of you know that you did not read the book or you over skimmed it so that you could say you "read" the chapters. There will be some of you that might be as weirdly O.C.D. as I am and had to read every word of the book. Regardless of which area you fall into I want you to be honest. Write what percentage of the book you feel you have read.

Now for the reading...

You have heard the challenge, now get to work! 1 of the challenge requirements will be completed next week. Now go do the others....


Posted on July 22, 2015 .

Radical Chapter 8

I am unsure of what to ask for this chapter because it is still not sitting well with me. I have been questioning myself after hearing this chapter played over in my head several time. My question is would I be willing to be that first missionary couple? If it were just me then most definately but would I take my family into that type of situation? So that causes me to question how faithful am I really to our savior? How much do I trust our Lord with the lives of my family? It is something I have to work through and its going to take a long time I imagine. 

So where does this chapter leave you thinking and what do you do with it? What I mean is how can you apply this chapter to your life?

Posted on July 20, 2015 .

Radical Chapter 7

Tell me about the truths that Platt laid before us and tell me your response to them. Be real about your thoughts, emotions and initial responses. I know for me I struggled with these truths. I questioned how could God be a gracious God, a loving and forgiving God, if he is going to send those who never actually heard the gospel to an eternal torment. But when we read in the book of Romans we see that everyone has had an opportunity and that God reveals himself to all people so we are all guilty, we are all in need of a savior and by that gracious God we serve we have a way to him through his son. His son, the only one to God and for that reason our trip to Boston has become more urgent, needed and a must. The reason we who are Christians must sacrifice certain luxuries so that the message that Jesus came to save the world. The message that is far bigger than you and me and our brief time spent here on earth, the message for all people of all times. 

As we are a week away from leaving for Boston I want you reflect on this chapter and the call for the urgency of the gospel. Be praying for the kids we come in contact with and will be hearing the gospel for the first time. Be praying for the people we have conversations with in the subways, market places and such. Be praying for Wakefield.


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Radical Chapter 6

How do we respond to this chapter? Every time I have read this chapter or listened to it on the audio book I feel like a jerk. I here all these statistics about people who are dying and yet here I am living in the parsonage with 4 bedrooms stocked full of furniture including an extra freezer slam full of meet for the next year.  Then I hear about kids who are the same age as Kennedy and Raegan, eating out of the dump that will not live past Raegan's age because of curable illnesses such as the flu. So in my mind I immediately jump to extreme mode and I think I must sell every thing. But that wasn't the point of this chapter. Platt says if we think that then we miss it. God has given us much wealth and it definitely shows because when I think about everyone in our student ministry and their households I know that everyone has at least 1 working vehicle. Because of that fact, Platt would say we are in the top 15% of the richest people in the world. So how do we respond to that stat?

What I want you is to discuss some ways we can apply this in our lives. Make it personal. List some things that you can do to change to be a better steward of what you have been given. How can we use what has been given to us to further the kingdom? What can you do as a student in school to help share the love that Christ has given to us? One way this summer is by giving up a week of your summer vacation which would have normally been for going to camp and serving church plant in a culture not like our own. But what else can you do? 

For me...

I own 3 vehicles, one of which will hopefully be working by this weeks end. If someone is in need of a vehicle I could let them borrow mine as this has been the case for others in our church. We have borrowed several vehicles at different times within our church even to go as far as to drive to Florida or Louisiana. I drive the car to work because it gets better gas mileage. This is 2 fold. 1) I am being a better steward of the planet and its resources 2) I am saving money which will open up more funds for us to hopefully use to spread the gospel.

We have to much furniture. I believe we will go through our "stuff" and see what we can sell for local missions. Not to support anything for my gain such as the Boston trip but to genuinely sell the items to support maybe the pregnancy support center or Youth for Christ.


Posted on July 11, 2015 .

Radical Chapter 5

There is an old saying about how to get big tasks completed and it goes, "How do you eat an elephant?" Now at this point you could go into how to butcher or cook and prepare the meal or plan out what should go with it but the core solution to this task is, "By eating one bite at a time." 

In this chapter we read about a man who lives in Sudan, displaced from his family at a young age but is now a believer. He said that he will change the world and the way he said he will do it is by making disciples. This chapter really emphasized the fact that the revolution that we now know as our faith began with Jesus and his 12 disciples. 12 men trained by one literally changed the world by taking what they learned from their teacher (Jesus) and reproducing what they have been taught.

So my questions for you about this chapter is...

1) What can you do to move yourself from being a receiver to a reproducer?

2) How can we take some of the basic knowledge and apply it to our ministries that we are active within our church? Example: When we are leading children's church, how can we help disciple them more and teach. Or give me other examples of stuff you might be doing through work, or other activities.

3) What are some ways we can execute disciple making in our own church?

Posted on July 4, 2015 .

Radical Chapter 4

The story at the beginning of this chapter could really create some thick tension. What if you were that pastor or that deacon that said those remarks about annihilating the people and sending them all to hell and you picked up David Platt's book Radical to read because you and your church supported him in the past. Now imagine if you are reading this book and you came across this chapter and you realize that he is talking about you? What kind of emotions do you think that would stir up inside of you? Now think back in your life have you ever thought something similar? You don't have to answer that but what I would like you to answer is this, "Have you ever heard someone speak like this or treat missions as a form of punishment?" If God called you to go serve in a foreign country whether that be for a year or two, a summer or even a week, would you see it as punishment? 

What is the great why of the Gospel?  

The stories at the end of the chapter were about 3 different people in different stages of their lives. Hearing these stories how can you apply what you plan on doing in college and life to a missional mindset? How can you reach the world by working in Durham, Roxboro or Butner? What can that look like for you and your future plans?

Posted on June 22, 2015 .

Radical Chapter 3

Tell me how this chapter made you evaluate some things in your life, think outside of yourself and has challenged your view on the American dream.

Posted on May 25, 2015 .


Sunday morning we sat in our sanctuary with the air conditioner working, the building well illuminated with a variety of different light settings, the seats padded,  and sense of security in our sanctuary. It was nice, the music was heard the preaching not long and we all went home to our air conditioned homes or to a restaurant were we sat in a similar situation and ate food that we did not grow. It was a good Sunday and we enjoyed many of the American comforts that we take for granted.

Now think back to the book where he discusses what the farmers had to do to attend a Bible study. He had to put on a dark hoodie, ride in the back of a truck and arrive at night so that they wouldn't be seen. They sat in a room and talked about the Bible with 1 light bulb and a crowd of people. These fellow family members sat in this room for some 12 hours a day studying God's word for almost 2 weeks. They left their farms unattended for approximately 2 weeks. Do you understand what that truly means? They took the chance of not getting their crops in the ground at the right time which might mean they wont grow to the mature state before the weather turns and destroys the crops. It may not but that is a huge risk to take and yet those farmers believe that it is worth the money lost, the possible hungry mouths to feed and the trouble they might get into if they are caught going to a Christian Bible study. 

Now jump across the big pond and think about last night. We had approximately 5 youth, some were out of town, others don't come because of one reason or another, and there are those that just forget or not connected. Last night we did run the air conditioner but we did have fluorescent lighting, good food and secure setting to study the Bible. We prayed and we continued the the Old Testament history and yet how often does our attention get pulled away to something else. Whether it be a conversation, a thought or an action that occurred by something or someone in the room. 

Now with those two different settings in mind, how do we take advantage of our comforts and what could we do more in our lives to become more devoted to the Kingdom growth in a manner that is personal and big picture?  

Give me your thoughts on the chapter and tell me some things that you are going to start doing in order to become more faithful to the one who showed us what true devotion looks like and costs.

Posted on May 4, 2015 .

Radical - Chapter 1

In our culture sayings come in quickly and become the catchy slogan for a season and then leave quickly. There is a remnant of these slogans that will stick around by people mocking them or because some celebrity and a handful of followers have it tattooed on their wrists or neck (Ex: Zac Efron has YOLO tattooed on his hand). So in our culture there is a current slogan that is going around that I have heard many of you as well as myself say and that slogan is, “The struggle is real.” There are times when the struggle is definitely real and for everyone the struggle looks different in a case by case situation. So what does this have to do with the chapter 1 of Radical? Well let’s look at what Platt says in his book.

If you were to have seen the magazine article about the 23 million dollar church building and the money sent to missions, what would your thoughts have been? Would that have even stuck out to you or would you have just read the articles and thought nothing of it? For me I would have just read the articles and gone on with life. But when you look at these 2 articles and you understand the struggle in Sudan, how do you respond to the church making a bigger building for 23 million and only 5 thousand being sent to missions? We also do not know the circumstances surrounding the 23 million dollar building. Maybe the old church burned down, maybe the old church was so far destroyed that there was no bringing it back or maybe the church was running 6 Sunday morning services and have exhausted all other options. Regardless of the other questions what is your thoughts on this? Would you have built the new building and sent the same amount to missions, would you have built the new building to house more people to be able to send more money to missions later or would you have not built the new building?

What are your thoughts on Luke 9 that he brought out? Brian spoke at Easter on a similar topic of the cross and how we wouldn’t put an electric chair on the top of our Christmas tree. So how do we respond to hate your family and love God, don’t say bye to your family, don’t worry about your other affairs that need to be straightened out.  How do we apply this to what Platt was saying.

Give me your thoughts…

Posted on April 8, 2015 .