Radical - Chapter 1

In our culture sayings come in quickly and become the catchy slogan for a season and then leave quickly. There is a remnant of these slogans that will stick around by people mocking them or because some celebrity and a handful of followers have it tattooed on their wrists or neck (Ex: Zac Efron has YOLO tattooed on his hand). So in our culture there is a current slogan that is going around that I have heard many of you as well as myself say and that slogan is, “The struggle is real.” There are times when the struggle is definitely real and for everyone the struggle looks different in a case by case situation. So what does this have to do with the chapter 1 of Radical? Well let’s look at what Platt says in his book.

If you were to have seen the magazine article about the 23 million dollar church building and the money sent to missions, what would your thoughts have been? Would that have even stuck out to you or would you have just read the articles and thought nothing of it? For me I would have just read the articles and gone on with life. But when you look at these 2 articles and you understand the struggle in Sudan, how do you respond to the church making a bigger building for 23 million and only 5 thousand being sent to missions? We also do not know the circumstances surrounding the 23 million dollar building. Maybe the old church burned down, maybe the old church was so far destroyed that there was no bringing it back or maybe the church was running 6 Sunday morning services and have exhausted all other options. Regardless of the other questions what is your thoughts on this? Would you have built the new building and sent the same amount to missions, would you have built the new building to house more people to be able to send more money to missions later or would you have not built the new building?

What are your thoughts on Luke 9 that he brought out? Brian spoke at Easter on a similar topic of the cross and how we wouldn’t put an electric chair on the top of our Christmas tree. So how do we respond to hate your family and love God, don’t say bye to your family, don’t worry about your other affairs that need to be straightened out.  How do we apply this to what Platt was saying.

Give me your thoughts…

Posted on April 8, 2015 .