Sunday morning we sat in our sanctuary with the air conditioner working, the building well illuminated with a variety of different light settings, the seats padded,  and sense of security in our sanctuary. It was nice, the music was heard the preaching not long and we all went home to our air conditioned homes or to a restaurant were we sat in a similar situation and ate food that we did not grow. It was a good Sunday and we enjoyed many of the American comforts that we take for granted.

Now think back to the book where he discusses what the farmers had to do to attend a Bible study. He had to put on a dark hoodie, ride in the back of a truck and arrive at night so that they wouldn't be seen. They sat in a room and talked about the Bible with 1 light bulb and a crowd of people. These fellow family members sat in this room for some 12 hours a day studying God's word for almost 2 weeks. They left their farms unattended for approximately 2 weeks. Do you understand what that truly means? They took the chance of not getting their crops in the ground at the right time which might mean they wont grow to the mature state before the weather turns and destroys the crops. It may not but that is a huge risk to take and yet those farmers believe that it is worth the money lost, the possible hungry mouths to feed and the trouble they might get into if they are caught going to a Christian Bible study. 

Now jump across the big pond and think about last night. We had approximately 5 youth, some were out of town, others don't come because of one reason or another, and there are those that just forget or not connected. Last night we did run the air conditioner but we did have fluorescent lighting, good food and secure setting to study the Bible. We prayed and we continued the the Old Testament history and yet how often does our attention get pulled away to something else. Whether it be a conversation, a thought or an action that occurred by something or someone in the room. 

Now with those two different settings in mind, how do we take advantage of our comforts and what could we do more in our lives to become more devoted to the Kingdom growth in a manner that is personal and big picture?  

Give me your thoughts on the chapter and tell me some things that you are going to start doing in order to become more faithful to the one who showed us what true devotion looks like and costs.

Posted on May 4, 2015 .