Radical Chapter 4

The story at the beginning of this chapter could really create some thick tension. What if you were that pastor or that deacon that said those remarks about annihilating the people and sending them all to hell and you picked up David Platt's book Radical to read because you and your church supported him in the past. Now imagine if you are reading this book and you came across this chapter and you realize that he is talking about you? What kind of emotions do you think that would stir up inside of you? Now think back in your life have you ever thought something similar? You don't have to answer that but what I would like you to answer is this, "Have you ever heard someone speak like this or treat missions as a form of punishment?" If God called you to go serve in a foreign country whether that be for a year or two, a summer or even a week, would you see it as punishment? 

What is the great why of the Gospel?  

The stories at the end of the chapter were about 3 different people in different stages of their lives. Hearing these stories how can you apply what you plan on doing in college and life to a missional mindset? How can you reach the world by working in Durham, Roxboro or Butner? What can that look like for you and your future plans?

Posted on June 22, 2015 .