Radical Chapter 6

How do we respond to this chapter? Every time I have read this chapter or listened to it on the audio book I feel like a jerk. I here all these statistics about people who are dying and yet here I am living in the parsonage with 4 bedrooms stocked full of furniture including an extra freezer slam full of meet for the next year.  Then I hear about kids who are the same age as Kennedy and Raegan, eating out of the dump that will not live past Raegan's age because of curable illnesses such as the flu. So in my mind I immediately jump to extreme mode and I think I must sell every thing. But that wasn't the point of this chapter. Platt says if we think that then we miss it. God has given us much wealth and it definitely shows because when I think about everyone in our student ministry and their households I know that everyone has at least 1 working vehicle. Because of that fact, Platt would say we are in the top 15% of the richest people in the world. So how do we respond to that stat?

What I want you is to discuss some ways we can apply this in our lives. Make it personal. List some things that you can do to change to be a better steward of what you have been given. How can we use what has been given to us to further the kingdom? What can you do as a student in school to help share the love that Christ has given to us? One way this summer is by giving up a week of your summer vacation which would have normally been for going to camp and serving church plant in a culture not like our own. But what else can you do? 

For me...

I own 3 vehicles, one of which will hopefully be working by this weeks end. If someone is in need of a vehicle I could let them borrow mine as this has been the case for others in our church. We have borrowed several vehicles at different times within our church even to go as far as to drive to Florida or Louisiana. I drive the car to work because it gets better gas mileage. This is 2 fold. 1) I am being a better steward of the planet and its resources 2) I am saving money which will open up more funds for us to hopefully use to spread the gospel.

We have to much furniture. I believe we will go through our "stuff" and see what we can sell for local missions. Not to support anything for my gain such as the Boston trip but to genuinely sell the items to support maybe the pregnancy support center or Youth for Christ.


Posted on July 11, 2015 .