Radical Chapter 7

Tell me about the truths that Platt laid before us and tell me your response to them. Be real about your thoughts, emotions and initial responses. I know for me I struggled with these truths. I questioned how could God be a gracious God, a loving and forgiving God, if he is going to send those who never actually heard the gospel to an eternal torment. But when we read in the book of Romans we see that everyone has had an opportunity and that God reveals himself to all people so we are all guilty, we are all in need of a savior and by that gracious God we serve we have a way to him through his son. His son, the only one to God and for that reason our trip to Boston has become more urgent, needed and a must. The reason we who are Christians must sacrifice certain luxuries so that the message that Jesus came to save the world. The message that is far bigger than you and me and our brief time spent here on earth, the message for all people of all times. 

As we are a week away from leaving for Boston I want you reflect on this chapter and the call for the urgency of the gospel. Be praying for the kids we come in contact with and will be hearing the gospel for the first time. Be praying for the people we have conversations with in the subways, market places and such. Be praying for Wakefield.


Posted on July 17, 2015 .