Radical Chapter 5

There is an old saying about how to get big tasks completed and it goes, "How do you eat an elephant?" Now at this point you could go into how to butcher or cook and prepare the meal or plan out what should go with it but the core solution to this task is, "By eating one bite at a time." 

In this chapter we read about a man who lives in Sudan, displaced from his family at a young age but is now a believer. He said that he will change the world and the way he said he will do it is by making disciples. This chapter really emphasized the fact that the revolution that we now know as our faith began with Jesus and his 12 disciples. 12 men trained by one literally changed the world by taking what they learned from their teacher (Jesus) and reproducing what they have been taught.

So my questions for you about this chapter is...

1) What can you do to move yourself from being a receiver to a reproducer?

2) How can we take some of the basic knowledge and apply it to our ministries that we are active within our church? Example: When we are leading children's church, how can we help disciple them more and teach. Or give me other examples of stuff you might be doing through work, or other activities.

3) What are some ways we can execute disciple making in our own church?

Posted on July 4, 2015 .