Our Staff

Pastor - Brian Hager

Pastor Brian has served Bethany since September of 2010. Brian is married to Wendie and has two sons, Elijah, and Benjamin and a daughter, Anna June "Junebug".  Pastor Brian graduated from Southeastern College at Wake Forest with a Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies with a minor in philosophy. He is currently pursuing a Master’s of Arts in Apologetics from Biola University. In his own words; “I did not grow up in a churched family and had no real knowledge of the Gospel until I was in my late 20’s. I have a very analytical mind, which makes me a skeptic by nature. I had to literally think through the Gospel and see if it lined up with reality. To my surprise, it did and that is when I turned my life over to Jesus and I have never looked back! I believe that the Gospel and reason are not opposed but that they point to each other. It is my calling of God to help believers and skeptics to think clearly about the truth of the Gospel and to put it into use in their daily lives”


 Youth Minister - Jesse Ottesen

Jesse is Bethany's youth minister. He and his wife Kristy have two daughters named Raegan and Kennedy. Yes, those are presidential names and no, it wasn’t done on purpose! Jesse graduated from the Baptist College of Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education and is currently working on his Master of Divinity from the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. His experience in the youth ministry is with working with teenagers from all types of backgrounds, allowing him to reach kids from all walks of life. Jesse has also served at other youth-focused organizations such as a juvenile delinquent home for boys, child protective services and also working as a youth minister in home state of Florida. Jesse’s heart is to serve alongside the parents to disciple the youth in the Moriah community and surrounding areas.