James: Mercy Triumphs

A study from Beth Moore



This is where we will come together as a small group to discuss the material in the James: Mercy Triumphs study.  Click on the links below to find the discussions on the corresponding lesson.  You can also click "Daily Discussion" above to see a list of all posts.  A new post will be posted each day, corresponding to the lesson.  You can subscribe via email if you would like a notification whenever the next discussion post is available.  If you have any questions at all about how to do things on the blog, please use the CONTACT US link at the top of the page, and Joe will be happy to assist you!

Your privacy is important to us.  For that reason, ALL who participate in this study will be required to enter a password to access the discussion pages.  Please contact Wendie Hager or Mandy Luhn if you need the password.  We will ONLY be distributing the password to those who are participating members of the study, due to the sensitive nature of some of our discussions.  We want all members to feel secure and free to share their hearts in a private setting.  If at any time you have questions or privacy concerns, please let us know!

Sunday Morning Small Group Meetings