Prospective Pastor Questionnaire

This survey is meant only for those who have received an email with this link and a copy of our Church and Community Profile.  If you did not receive this email, please contact us using the contact form on our "Contact Us" page.

Your answers to this survey will be viewed only by the members of the Pastor Search Committee and will be kept confidential unless you otherwise grant permission.  If you do not come to serve as our minister, any printed copies of your survey will be shredded and no further copies will be made.  If you become our minister, the survey will be placed in a closed file and used only to substantiate that the committee followed a thorough process in determining the suitability of the person called to serve our church.

PLEASE DO NOT REFRESH THE PAGE.  Your progress will not be saved!  Please try to respond by Tuesday, October 17.  The survey will no longer be available after this date.  If you have any issues with the survey, or if circumstances require that you be granted more time, please contact Mandy via email.  

Name *
16. Have you worked with a church office staff in the past?
19. Have you ever been dismissed by vote of the congregation from the employment of any church?
20. Have you ever resigned from any church position or employment?