Is justice now negotiable?

If you follow internet bloggers you will notice that blogs tend to take the flavor of the day (after all, if we blog about what is happening in the world around us currently, it makes our task easier, we don't have to think very deeply). If you follow Christian blogs and bloggers, then you will notice that the events that have taken place in the last two weeks in Ferguson, Missouri have taken over in popularity against events in Irag and Israel. And I would say for the most part, rightly so. But to be truthful, I'm growing more alarmed and wary of many of the blogs and bloggers I have been reading and that have wide coverage on social media. So let me be very careful to say why:


I understand that the shooting of Michael Brown has unleashed major feelings of hostility and disrespect in our country. I'll admit, racism does exist, I know firsthand. I have practived it. I've had to repent of it, bitterly. I've witnessed it in churches I have pastored. In fact, it has greived my heart such that I preached several fiery sermons on the issue that caused me to lose credibility, and even earned me an unsigned letter. However, that's not the issue I'm talking about here. My issue is with justice. We seem to have lost a desire for justice.


Justice is something that God's people should love and care about, as much as any other thing in this world. Why? Because being just is a direct attribute of God. God is just, demands justice and demands that we are a just kind of people. Justice however does not exist in a vacuum, it cannot stand alone. Justice is connected directly to truth. You cannot have justice where truth does not exist. However, for the sake of many bloggers I have followed, they have asked that we set justice aside for some higher purpose. I wonder how they can ask that? To set justice aside is to embrace that which is simply untrue. I cannot see how on earth that is connected to the Gospel nor is it related to the divine.

So here is what justice in this case would look like. After allowing the dust to settle and facts to be gathered, then due process must take place. If the facts bear that Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown without warrant to do so, then he should indeed suffer the full consequences of committing murder. I'll be the very first to support that action. However, if it should be discovered that Darren Wilson's actions are found to be right, I'll support that conclusion as well. Everyone who loves the truth should support either conslusion , but not celebrate it. Why should we not celebrate it? Because an 18 year old man lost his life, and a community has been torn in two.


Prejudgement has taken place. Facts (which are absent) be damned, the jury of public opinion has spoken on both sides. This should put fear into the heart of everyone who loves and seeks the truth.


However it falls out, we must seek justice, and not treat it like some minor issue. That would be a great act of injustice by any definition.

Posted on August 21, 2014 .