Caitlyn Jenner, Rachel Dolezal, and the Truth

There often comes times when I must step back away from current cultural trends to observe and analyze particular trends that may very well impact the future of the Church and her means at advancing the Kingdom of God. Today is indeed one such moment. In order to do that, I want to introduce you two people: Caitlyn and Rachel, both of these individuals are very instructive to a major issue our culture is facing.


Caitlyn Jenner (aka Bruce Jenner) is a well known case for our discussion. Bruce Jenner is famous for two things: his athletic skill that propelled him to a gold medal in the summer Olympic games in Quebec in 1976. The most memorable picture is that of Bruce making a victory lap carrying the American flag (a tradition that has been carried on since). He broke a standing world record in the decathlon and his incredible performance led to his appearance on a Wheaties box. Sadly thought, most younger Americans will never know of his glory days, because of the second thing which he is famous for. Bruce Jenner is not a man, but is in fact a woman (according to his own testimony). He has adopted the monicker Caitlyn to reflect how he feels about himself, and is right now going through the transformation toward becoming the woman he claims he truly is, but was not born so.



Rachel Dolezal is someone you may or may not know. If you aren’t a news junkie, chances are you haven’t heard. So let me get you up to speed: Rachel is the former president of the Spokane Washington office of the NAACP. She might not have been pertinent to this discussion, but it came to light that Rachel was not exactly who she claims to be. She claimed to be an African American, with an African American father, but her true parents were contacted by law enforcement and provided evidence that neither claim Rachel made were true. In other words, while Rachel had maintained that she was black, she indeed is white. She didn’t claim to be associated with African American culture, she claimed to be African American. This has caused yet another firestorm in the identity issue, which culture is presently trying to work out, with little success.


Early this year I wrote a series of articles that do explain exactly the issue at hand; truth (actually absolute truth). These two individuals demonstrate to us how the denial of absolute truth not only has the dangerous ability to shape human behavior, but something far more insidious; it has the ability to lay an axe to the root of our very personhood and humanity.


Postmodernism (read my blog posts if you truly want to know) instructs us that there is no absolute truth (which is actually contradictory and quite humorous). Let me put it another way, Postmodernism says “you believe what you want to believe, and I’ll decide what I want to believe, and we’ll both be right”. No doubt you have heard it phrased that way. So it was only logical and inevitable that it would work like this:



I feel attracted to a person of my sex

I must be the person of another sex

I was born with the wrong genitalia.




I don’t identify with people of my own race

I must be another race

I was born the wrong race


Conclusion: I am who/what I WANT to be, not who/what I actually am.



If by now you don’t see the problem, or aren’t shaking your head, think about the logical next step. You can not only claim you are truly a different gender or race, then it is a very short step to claiming another nationality, another species, and yes, a non species. It is also a short step to declaring divinity (although that really is not that new, just not as mainstream). Right now some of you are thinking this is far fetched, random nonsense. But think about it; am I really that far off? Back up 15 years ago; if I had told you then that there would be a day when people would literally deny their own gender or race (and I mean literally deny it) AND be applauded and recognized, would you have said the same thing? I bet you would have. But the question is this: why does this matter and why should we be concerned?





It is a denial of God’s wisdom and power. To give into such notions is to say that God is not wise in His creating providence. Scripture reminds us in numerous places that God had intended that humanity consist of male and female persons (Genesis 1/Genesis 5/Matthew 19/Mark 10). This creative work was not accidental, but incidental. God fully and masterfully designed humanity with two genders. They work together for procreation (bearing of children) and compliment each other relationally. This is not to say that sin hasn’t had sway on these identities, but it has not eliminated them.


It is a warping of God’s image. Scripture again informs us that humans, above and in distinction from all other living things, have been made exclusively in God’s image. The image of God is a marvelous thing, because in some wonderful and glorious way, we reflect God’s glory to the world and back to Him. But there is a caveat: God is changeless in His being, that is why God makes us in a permanent status. When we are saying that we need to change in essence, we are really saying God is changing or at least changeable. Neither is consistent with the person of God or Scripture. 



It poses serious challenges to presenting the Gospel. What do we do, in a few short years when we have gone from transgender and transrace to transpecies? How do we apply the Gospel to those who now deny their own humanity? If we have stepped that far, the consequences would be enormous.



What I find the most ironic about the aforementioned cases is an accusation that is often levied against Christians. Christians are said to be those who flatly deny science and scientific evidences. Yet when a person denies the science of gender or genetics, they are deemed wise, heroic and fore\ward thinking. Ironic, indeed. 



God the Father deals in absolute truth. He says “I Am” affirming His absoluteness. HIs commands are given in absolutes


God’s Son Jesus deals in absolutes. In John 14:6 He declare Himself to be absolute -the Way, the Truth, the Life>


Truth does come come from below, meaning from the created world. Truth comes down from about, meaning from the Creator. The reason we have Caitlyn and Rachel is because people believe the opposite, and unless things change, it will get much worse. 





Absolutely think about this, 



Pasta B.

Posted on June 17, 2015 .