After todays events: my warning and my promise

My faith family,


Most you guys already know by now that I am a serious, no bones about it, analytical thinker. Because that is how my brain works (in black/white and not in abstracts) this means I am almost always opposed to wild theories, conspiracies and raising alarms. However, one of those things changed in me today.


I’ve been monitoring culture for years and gauging the shift. I’ve been warning you guys over the last year (mostly in my blogs, which few read) that a major shift was happening and that the church would find Herself squarely in the middle of it. Today we witnessed firsthand an event that I am totally convinced will be a catalyst to propel this shift forward at lightening speed. Today, the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) ruled 5-4, that the individual States must issue licenses and allow same sex couples to marry. This ruling gave the cultural shift unparalleled authority and power to push forward an agenda that will be anything but friendly to the Gospel in coming days.  Let me explain:



We’ve been watching subjective morality become the rule of cultural behavior. What a person feels is right, is completely right, no one is allowed to dissent. The major problem is that things that are subjective change regularly. Nothing is stable, you can count on a major downward spiral. Homosexuality is not a new thing, it is at least as old as the ancient Greeks. Homosexual relationships were considered a sign of prestige; politicians and philosophers would have male lovers who were quite often boys. The action was seen as eccentric, and therefore was never considered mainstream. In fact, no society ever viewed homosexuality as a whole as a thing to be embraced, until recently. Today our society did something very few have done before: it not only accepted same sex relationships, but put them on a pedestal to be admired, embraced and by no means ever opposed. We have in every way, celebrated something God despises, there are no two ways about it. But that is just the start. You see, things are soon to get worse. Soon all who oppose same sex relationships will be deemed hateful, and any speech against it will be deemed hate speech, something that must be done away with for "the greater good".


Soon all who oppose same sex relationships will be deemed by the government as hateful, and any speech against it will be deemed hate speech, something that must be done away with for "the greater good".



And don’t hand me any of this “the Constitution protects it” non sense. Here is where I will absolutely raise the alarm. We are already so far away from the intent of the Constitution as to make it barely recognizable to the men who wrote it. The SCOTUS has wrongly interpreted the 1st Amendment, making schools a no go zone for faith. Your great grandparents would have never believed that would happen, and it did. The SCOTUS wrongly made it legal to kill the unborn. I PROMISE you great, great grandparents would never have believed it could happen (much less the Framers).  And yet, here we are. A person who runs a bakery cannot refuse to bake a cake affirming immoral behavior, and will be forced through coercion to either do it, or have their life ruined. Let’s resurrect great grandpa and ask him about that one, shall we?


So yes, the day is coming, when you will be an enemy of not just a movement, but the State when you declare something immoral that society is celebrating as wonderful. And I don’t mean you will treated as a pariah, you will be prosecuted. That day IS coming, mark my words. The 1st Amendment won’t mean a thing (and God help us when the 2nd follows).



So here is my personal declaration to you, my faith family: I do not care what society has embraced, nor do I fear the repercussion; I will faithfully preach, teach and live the Scripture, I will faithfully execute the office of Pastor. That is my living testimony and promise to you.



I am now raising the alarm, do you have the same resolve?



Lovingly warning,


Pasta B

Posted on June 26, 2015 .