Important things to know about our partnership with Nepalese Church Planting

Three important facts about the Gospel and Church planting among the Nepalese:

1- There is a convergence of 3 major religions in Nepal:

A- Hinduism (Polytheism)- Hindus have a plethora of gods, estimated as many as 6 million. If we are not careful, Hindus will merely adopt Jesus into their cabinet of deities, making Him one of many. 

B- Buddism (passive nihilism). Buddhists do not see eternity and heaven as we do. Buddhists have as their goal escape (samsara, or “release”). The point is not to get somewhere, but to get away from somewhere. Eastern philosophies and religions are remarkably different from western religions and philosophies.  Words do not carry the same meaning, and concepts and can quickly be confused.

C- Islam-(fatalistic monotheism). The close  proximity to Middle East lends itself to the existence of Islam in Nepal. Islam is literally “submission” to Allah who is only one, with no co eternal son. His will is supreme and is very fatalistic. 


Christianity makes up somewhere around 1.4%

2-Languages- There are around 200 languages spoken in Nepal. These are spoken based upon localities. While we have many different dialects of english (southern, northern and those dang folks from California :) ) We can still communicate effectively and clearly around the country

3- Castes- Do you remember being in High School and studying the culture of India? You learned about the caste system. Castes separate people from each other in about every way you can: economically, socially and justly. The castes range from the very top elite to the truly “untouchables" on the very bottom. People will not cross the lines for any reason, socially or to lend a hand.

This still exists in Nepal. There are castes that create barriers. But there is really good news! Mon and Joshua told us that Americans are always seen as the highest caste and can have a very good influence for the Gospel (don't let this swell your/my head, it only means that people are apt to listen when we speak!).

Conclusion: God is powerful and able to save to the uttermost those to whom the Gospel is preached. Now, that being said, we need to do 2 things:

A- Pray ferverently for Mon, Joshua and Hebron Church. Pray for Christian in Nepal and missionaries to have an open door.

B- Learn as much as you can about their culture. We learn from reading, but more importantly we learn from spending time with these dear brothers and sisters.


God is giving us a truly awesome and wonderful opportunity, let’s take full advantage of it!

Posted on June 9, 2015 .