Prochoice Christians: here is your position

Since the issue of abortion is back on the radar (and thankfully it is) I want to take this opportunity to address those of you who are, whether you realize it or not, pro choice Christians. That statement almost sounds like an oxymoron, but many of you are that and don’t realize truly that you are. I find this to be the case through regular conversations. This will apply to you if  of the following is true;

You are pretty adamant about opposing abortion. You generally think its wrong, but you have 2 exceptions:

1- The pregnancy is caused by something unwanted and severe, such as incest or rape. After all, no one should carry a baby under those conditions.

2- If the life of the mother is at all at risk, it makes no good sense to risk her life for the life of the child, considering it is likely neither will survive. That makes no sense either.

Many of you hold this position, or at least one of these exceptions you accept. But I want to take this opportunity to help you examine this position, to help you see what you are saying and why you probably don’t want to say it. I also want to go ahead and warn you right here, this will go down a very dark path. If you aren’t interested in having your worldview shown to you to the full extent, I am giving you this opportunity to walk away.

Still here? That’s good, that means you are willing to hold your position honestly and logically, that part is commendable. However, here is exactly what you are saying:


You might disagree, but that is exactly what you are saying. Let me share why you are saying this:

If you hold position #1 you are saying that the life of the unborn child isn’t valuable in itself, only the intention of creating it. If the mother willingly got pregnant, the life has value. If she was forced to get pregnant, the life has little value. Let me ask you to get real here: I challenge you to walk through a maternity ward as soon as possible, or even a baby store and look at all the babies and ask “which children were conceived willingly and which weren’t?”. Can you tell by looking? Is there are scientific test to tell intent? The answer of course is no. But you are literally saying that one life has more value than another. That is actually what you are saying by holding position number 1. So in society, every person who was born who was conceived through rape or incest is a lesser human. That is your position, are you still comfortable with it. If you are intellectually honest, you’ll admit that is the logical conclusion. But I’m wiling to bet you aren’t comfortable with it. You are saying that the parents assign value to the life of the unborn child, not God. 

You are saying that the parents assign value to the life of the unborn child, not God. 


If you hold to position #2, you are saying that life’s value is compared to the value of other things/people. The baby’s life is less valuable than the mother’s. Let’s just say a boat sank, the only two survivors who made it to the life raft are a mother and an infant, a sickly little infant. The life raft is leaking air, and cannot continue to float with the current amount of weight on board. The mother is healthy, she can live a productive life. But if she doesn’t throw the baby out of the raft, she’ll die as well. What would you think of such a mother? I’m hoping your would find that kind of action reprehensible. But now you are thinking that’s not the same thing. But isn’t it? Peter Singer is a well known moral philosopher who teaches at Princeton. You may not have heard of him, but trust me, he is well known in philosophy. Peter Singer is the only prochoice person that I know of, who is consistent in his world view. Peter Singer advocates not only for prenatal abortion, but postpartum abortion (meaning he thinks you should have the right to have your child killed after birth). You cannot hold this view and at the same time say #alllivesmatter. 

Do you find the idea of putting a living child to death repulsive? If you hold any prochoice view, on what MORAL ground do you find it repulsive? You can say it is illegal, but that has nothing to do with morals. Why is it immoral to kill a baby 2 weeks old postpartum but not kill it when it is 18 weeks in the womb? Both are a living person, created in God’s image. 

I am in no way saying the issue of abortion is easy, living in a fallen world will never be easy. But I do want you to fully think through your position and abandon it, because the implications are far worse than you might have originally thought.

Posted on July 16, 2015 .