Trespassing, birth right citizenship and the absurdity of abortion

A few weeks ago, in light of the renewed controversy surrounding Planned Parenthood, the accusation of illegal sales of aborted baby parts and the nature of abortion itself, I posted concerning the core nature of abortion: trespassing. Let me reiterate that here and add my latest thought concerning the total absurdity of abortion and the lack of reasoning necessary to support it.

The core issue behind abortion isn’t whether or not the unborn baby is a person or a human. A fetus carried by a female human always comes into this world as a person, not a truck, monkey, dog or fescue. I went to OB appointments with my wife for three out of four years in a row. I think that of all the prenatal checkups she had, I missed 2 TOTAL. I never once, let me say that again: I never heard ONCE my unborn child ever discussed in any terms that were less than expressly human/person. This point is not even up for discussion.

However, the discussion IS about the rights of the mother and her body. I couched this in terms of property because that is the issue. My body is my personal property, and what I do with personal property is my right. If I have consensual sex without protection and conceive, then my body is a welcome incubator for an unborn human. The baby has my full permission and blessing to be present in my womb. HOWEVER, if I have sex consensually (or non consensually) that results in conception, my body is a unwilling incubator for an intruder. I have every right to have the trespassing entity removed from my property, for it has no right to be there.

Now, that IS the premise behind abortion and sums the entire argument up. Its about someone being somewhere he or she isn’t wanted.

Now, if that is how we really feel, then that must apply that logic to any trespassing. Can I have someone violently executed for being on my property? If someone pulls into my driveway, realizes that they have arrived at the wrong destination, can I shoot them? Of course not, that is considered murder. Here’s a scenario that is more closely analogous to abortion:

My neighbor has a toddler who just learned to walk well, although his listening skills are not well honed. He is notorious for escaping his home by sneaking away from his mother and pushing open the less than secure front door. This day he goes unnoticed and wanders into the yard of the crank old man next door. This neighbor is very private and doesn’t like visitors at all. He notices the little boy on his property. Sure he could do something to protect the life of the child and get him off of his property, but he doesn’t. He shoots the little boy, because he is an unwanted intruder. 

Are you appalled by such notions? You well should be, how can you kill an innocent person for simply being in the wrong place? That is an absurd proposition. And that is the pro life position. 

But here is where it gets way more absurd and illogical……..

Something else that has been heating up in the news is birthright citizenship. According to the popular interpretation of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, any person born on the soil of the United States or her territories (translation: PROPERTY) is a US citizen by birth, even if their parents are here illegally (translation: TRESPASSING). 

So, let me summarize

You can trespass in this country and can bring your unborn child to this country and have him, illegally and he has full rights and protection. 

You can carry an unborn child in this country without trespassing and have him torn limb from limb from your body and cut up and sold off. 
 The only difference, where that baby is (behind a wall of skin and fluid, or in the bright daylight).

How much of this makes sense to you?

Posted on August 19, 2015 .