Kim Davis is forcing her Christian beliefs on others!

“Kim Davis is forcing her religion on others”



This is the battle cry of many of those who are promoting and supporting same sex marriage in light of a very recent event. I’ve not only heard friends say it, but believe it or not, people in the media say it. I also have seen at least one very popular and prominent Christian writer Tweet it.  Rachel Held Evans published the following Tweet in response to Davis' arrest:

"@TruettGlen @DruHart But she is free to practice her faith. Just not free to use gov. to force her faith on other people"

To quickly help anyone who has been off planet for the last week catch up, Kim Davis serves as the County Clerk for Rowan County Kentucky. She gained massive notoriety in the last week because of her refusal to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples, based upon her Christian conviction. Because she refused to act in accordance with a Supreme Court ruling in June, she was subsequently ordered to jail until she either submitted to the court order or quit her job.


CAVEAT: I’m not going to argue here the legality of her actions, or the legality of her incarceration. I’d be more than glad to do that at another time. What I am going to do is address the nonsensical assertion that her actions were imposing her religious beliefs on others.


Here are 3 undeniable facts: 


1- The Supreme Court ruled in June that the individual states must allow same sex couples to marry (even though marriage has always been an issue for the states. The federal government does not issue marriage licenses and I have never said at the conclusion of any marriage I have officiated “And now by the power vested to me by the United States of America”).


2- Kim Davis is a Christian (yes she has been married multiple times, no she wasn’t a Christian when she got her divorces, just in case anyone is interested in facts)



3- Kim Davis refuses to adhere to the SCOTUS order and issue a marriage license to same sex couples based upon her beliefs.




Ok, I’m waiting………… where does “she is forcing her religious beliefs on others” in any way conceivable fall out of the above mentioned facts.





Now, if you had a story that went like this : “Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis requires that every person who approaches her for a license pray the sinners prayer and ask Jesus into their heart before getting their license” you would be spot on. That is actually what forcing your beliefs on others looks like.



In case you are still confused about what forcing others to adopt your beliefs looks like, I present to you the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, better known as ISIS. Surely you’ve seen the videos of Christians, Kurds and other religious adherents being drown, beheaded, burned alive in several formats. Their wives and children are taken for slaves, raped and sold. The men are told “convert, or die”. 


Guess what that is? You got it, forcing someone to adopt someone else's beliefs.



So, lets sum this up: ISIS forces their beliefs on others. Kim Davis (that I know of, from what is evident) has NOT forced her beliefs on others.




(For further explanation on how we got to where we are, I suggest you dig back in time on this blog site and find a series of articles on the truth)..




Posted on September 5, 2015 .