What we need to do to right the ship


The world has almost finished turning completely upside down. With the events in North Carolina alone over the last several weeks in addition to other events that have been happening lately nationwide, it is hard to say anything else. If you are liberal, you call it “progress”. If you are conservative, you call it a shame. No matter what your stripe is, you must say things are flipping over. 

When the Charlotte City council made it known that they intended to pass an ordinance that would be binding on all businesses pertaining to transgendered people and restrooms, the Governor informed them that the General Assembly would step in. That indeed did happen and the ordinance was over ruled by HB2. The bill did more than overturn the bathroom ordinance, but it was the reaction statewide and nationwide that are truly eye opening. Business, celebrities and individuals weighed in on the issue, supporting the idea that a male should be able to use a women’s room if he simply identified as a woman. And vice versa for women using the men’s room (likewise for locker rooms and shower facilities). There were more than 10 people who think this is a good idea, which again, is very disturbing. 

We didn’t get here over night. In fact, in a series of blog posts I explained the long and painful process that brought us HB2. I will spare you those details here, but I will link to the three part series so you can be informed:






The problem now is that there is a voice missing from any serious and rational discussion. That voice belongs to the intellectual Christian. I would say that that voice is intentionally being squelched (and to some degree I think that is true), but I think the reason that voice is absent is because none are speaking up. In other words, rational Christian voices aren’t being heard. I’m not saying that no Christian voices are being heard, but unfortunately when I have the television on or the radio is on, and policy is discussed, the Christian who represents rational thought is more often than not simply irrational. They fall victim to all kinds of fallacies and rarely discuss the issue in a meaningful way. More than once I have been watching a discussion and found myself more angry at the Christian than the secularist. 

Why are Christians no longer having a seat of authority at the table of ideas? 

For one, Christians have been labeled (wrongly I might add) as irrational, nonsensical and deluded people. Seriously, that is how society has labeled Christians in the realm of rational thought. Why do you think atheists refer to themselves as “free thinkers” (google that term)? The implication is that the secularist is free to think for himself, not constrained by silly ideas or ancient myths. Christians on the other hand are saddled with an inability to think clearly and rightly. They are simply in denial of reality. Do not believe me? Let me share a couple of quotes by two prominent atheists:

Atheism is nothing more than the noises reasonable people make when in the presence of religious dogma.
-Sam Harris

“Faith is the great cop-out, the great excuse to evade the need to think and evaluate evidence. Faith is the belief in spite of, even perhaps because of, the lack of evidence.” 
― Richard Dawkins

In fact, there is a counter movement to the National Day of Prayer. Secularists are uniting to form a National Day of Reason. Do you know what the implication is? The implication is that theists in general and Christians in particular are unreasonable people. That is how we are portrayed and sadly many Christians are fine with that. There has been a truly irrational movement in Christianity towards anti-intellectualism. In other words, Christians have tended to err on the side of not knowing something, than fully knowing it. We often take it as some twisted badge of honor to be dumb as a box or rocks as long as we trust Christ.

What a huge mistake and a divergence from how things use to be.

The Apostle Paul was an intellectual giant (just read Romans). The Early Church Fathers were intellectual giants. Throughout Church history towering intellects abounded; Augstine, Aquinas, Anselm, Calvin and Edwards. Some of the ground breaking scientist in history were devout Christians; Copernicus, Galileo and Bacon. The notion that Christians are irrational is absurd. Christianity has never been about destroying science, but promoting it. Let me give you three examples.

1- Christians believe that an unborn infant is a human being. We don’t see any difference in physical content of a baby in utero or out. That is science.

2- Christians believe that a persons gender is determined physically (dna, and simple examination). That is science

3-Christians believe that everything that begins to exist has to have a cause. This universe being the greatest example.

So no, Christians are not irrational, anti science and backwards. We think, we reason and we base our worldview on evidence. That is science

What we need to right the ship of madness are men and women who will champion the cause of reason.

What we need now, more than ever is a looming voice at the table of ideas. I pray God will raise up young men and women who will fully engage their minds for the cause of the Kingdom. I pray I can raise my children up to be thinkers, logical and methodical thinkers who think clearly because of Christ. I pray you are raising and encouraging your children that way.

If you are a young person that God hasn’t already pointed you to a career, let me encourage you to seek God to see if He wants you to pursue a seat at the public table, having applied your mind fully to thinking robustly and clearly. If that is you, I can point you in the right direction. Just let me know!

Pasta B.  


Posted on April 14, 2016 .