Our Mission is simple yet crucial: TO KNOW and TO GO!

We believe all people have a need to KNOW God. And knowing God comes only through a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. And as a result of knowing, we need to GO.

How we strive to KNOW:

  • Individually through personal Bible study and prayer
  • In Community through small groups (Sunday morning at 9:15)
  • In Community through corporate worship (Sunday morning at 10:30 am)
  • Through discipleship for all age groups

How we strive to GO:

  • As individual ministers in our workplaces, homes, schools and areas of influence
  • Through giving support to missionaries and ministries around the world
  • Through going wherever God sends us to be a light for Christ

Scripture says:

  • God is the Creator and Owner of all things
  • All men have failed to honor God and have sinned
  • Christ, who is God, died a vicarious death in our place and rose again to give us life
  • We are saved when we repent and submit ourselves to Christ as Lord
  • That every believer has the duty to share compassion and the Gospel
  • That Christ will return soon to rescue His own and judge the world